Art Research Map


A.R.M. (Art Research Map) is a map of art galleries, museums, and institutions. It aims to offer a firsthand view of exhibitions in every city, to map each gallery and chronicle each exhibition while providing easier access to each event. A.R.M. is a tool for collectors, artists, galleries, tourists, and anyone interested in art. Through interactive cultural maps, one can find exhibitions worldwide by geolocation and date.

A.R.M. collaborates with the most relevant galleries for both established and emerging artists, offering written content and a visual overview of featured exhibitions. Each month A.R.M. features gallery views and critical articles written by A.R.M. team members based on the exhibition relevance, innovation, or impact upon the art world at large. A.R.M. also provides live coverage of shows and fairs through social media – Facebook and Instagram.


Gallery Collaboration

Art Research Map’s intent is to promote easy contact between the public and the art world. Although A.R.M is an online platform, giving accurate updates in  real time, its goal, through written articles, is to share the exhibition experience. As an online interactive world map, A.R.M. is a tool to bring the public to the galleries. For that reason A.R.M. aims to be the most complete, but selective, art-world map. A.R.M. outlines a network of galleries and art institutions by city to inform the public; the result is increased gallery visits and in greater knowledge of contemporary art in a single platform.


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