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CHRISTIAN JACCARD – ‘Energies Dissipées’

Galerie Valérie Bach

11 September 15 - 7 November 15

Christian Jaccard‘s exhibition Energies Dissipées, a retrospective of his work since the 90’s, can be visited at Valérie Bach Galerie until the 7th of November, 2015.

The brûlis (fire shadows) and the noeuds (knots) are the ties to a representation of time. The artist’s gestural energy dissipates into the burning marks imprinted on the surfaces. The burning is intentional, controlled, yet aleatory (fire has its own behaviour and time changes the surfaces, colors, materials and resistance). The long labor of knot making (concept supranodal) translates into the sinuous masses of rope, which concentrates the energy and shows the passage of time spent on the accumulation of knots. It is a primary gesture repeated over and over again. In any of the cases (fire and knot), we find a controlled but obsessive repetition that disseminates through surface and space.







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