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‘PAIR(s)’ – Maison Particulière

Maison Particulière

17 September 15 - 13 December 15

Maison Particulière, an art center, in Brussels, founded by Myriam and Amaury Solages, was conceived with the objective of sharing private art collections. The three-story building functions as a maison (a house) in which the guests are welcomed to sit on couches made by handpicked designers and comfortably enjoy the works on display.

PAIR(s), is a very peculiar and unique exhibition comprising works of art belonging to the collections of two families of art collectors and their different generations. The works were paired in a way that establishes dialogues and associations, creating links between the most divergent languages and mediums. It is not only about showing a group of thematics or styles, but about engaging in an observation and conversation offered by these pairing choices. It is the discrepancy between contemporary photography, japanese robots, african statues, 16th century painting, or 20th century design pieces that creates the unexpected relations. PAIR(s) is an invitation to reflect on the art object independently of style, medium or era. How does the 18th century portrait of Eléonore de Chateauneuf communicate with Ulrich Lamsfuss’ “Portrait of madame” (2014), or what is the emotional link between ‘Denis’ (Daniel Firman) and ‘Steven’ (Ben Durham text face)?

For those who wish to visit, PAIR(s) will be presented until the 13th of December, 2015. As for A.R.M., we keep the record of a unique art experience and look forward to the gallery’s next opening – the exhibition “ta.bu” – in January 2016.








Images courtesy of Maison Particulière.

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