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‘PROUVÉ-TAKIS’ – La Patinoire Royale

La Patinoire Royale

22 April 16 - 22 October 16

La Patinoire Royale presents since April 21st an exhibition about two autodidact masters, Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) and Takis (b. 1925), in collaboration with François Laffanour and Galerie Downtown (Paris).

The three decades between the 40’s and the 70’s were know as Les Trente Glorieuses (after WWII), when Industry and its positive effects on Humanity were most relevant. This exhibition shows two of the most beautiful examples of the artistic creation of this period, departing from a scenery of La Défense, where you find Prouvé’s architecture (Tour Nobel) and Takis’ sculptures (Le Bassin). Besides being two generations apart, both artists are connected in the unusual way they perceive the world through technology, industrialization, and, particularly for Takis, science (as evidenced by his obsession with the magnetic fields). Prouvé is mostly know as a revolutionary constructor whose creations follow the exterior and interior aesthetics as a whole with the premise of industrial fabrication. Both Prouvé and Takis dedicated a lot of work to metallic materials, which is easily perceived when attending the show.

We highlight the Telemagnetic Sculptures with sound by Takis and the prefabricated structure for the Institution Fénelon, all the door panels and furniture by Prouvé and the beautiful koi fish swimming in the lake. They truly transport you to another physical realm.

Prouvé-Takis is an amazing opportunity to visit a past and no longer viable utopia, at La Patinoire Royale, Brussels, until July 23, 2016.

by: Francisca Silva e Sousa

_ Anne Greuzat - vue de l'exposition Prouve_-Takis 08
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.
Jean Prouvé, Porte à hublots en tôle d’acier pliée à 12 hublots en verre teinté et métal, Ca. 1946 H 205 x l. 82,5 (84 avec gond) x ép. 4 (7 avec gond) cm // H 80.7 x W 32.5 (33 with hinge) x D 1.5 (2,7 with hinge). Courtesy of La Patinoire Royale.
Vassilakis Takis, Sculpture musicale, Ca. 1970.
Vassilakis Takis “Telelumiere”, TF107083, 1983 H 120 x L 88 x P 50 cm. Courtesy of La Patinoire Royale.
© Anne Greuzat – vue de l’exposition Prouvé-Takis.


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